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Bambina Bella Bed Rail (180cm)



Product Notes

Features: Long coverage This will ensure that all parts of the bed side is covered. ✔️180cm (for the foot of king and side of double bed/queen) PLEASE MEASURE YOUR MATTRESS WELL TO AVOID WRONG SIZE. Collapsible Easier to get in and out of the bed because all you have to do is push it down. No need to move your bedside table. Adjustable height 7 point adjustment up to 100cm so this can accommodate your thick mattress! Triple safety lock feature Your toddlers won’t be able to accidentally press it down. Safety belt Extra security for the bedrail. Just tighten the belt to your mattress to make it more secure. Breathable mesh material The mesh material will guarantee that the air can still pass through the bedrail. Removable too so you can wash it when it gets dirty. Soft foam on the pipe To ensure that your little one won’t get bumps, the pipes are covered by soft foam.

Physical Condition

On the top area of both the side base - barely visible stain On the upper middle frame - barely visible stain - very small tear - light crumpled (cannot be notice once the cover is place ) On the lower side frame - barely visible scratches


Very Good - A well-cared-for item that has seen limited use - it may show some limited signs of wear with small scratches or cosmetic blemishes.

Year Bought
Does not come with original box / packaging

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