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Looping Squizz Car Seat w/ Adapter



Product Notes

Option for Parent-Facing (rear-facing) on Squizz Stroller Easier to move baby from car to stroller and back. Convenient transfer from car to stroller in 1-click For use on the Squizz stroller Remove the standard seat of the Squizz stroller and replace it with the Squizz Car Seat. Use for newborn babies 0 up to 9 months Included: Car Seat Adapter Footmuff

Physical Condition

Seat Cover - light fade on the attached side labeling Adapter - barely visible scratches on the surroundings of the adapter Footmuff - barely visible scratches on the two side buttons Buckle - light scratches on the buckle including the metal attached to the buckle strap Car Seat Frame - light scratches on the handlebar - light worn-out on one side sticker attached to the handlebar button area - light scratches on the inner area of the (front and sides) and on the bottom area of the frame - barely visible scratches on the outer side area of the frame - barely visible crumpled on the handlebar foam, and on the sticker attached to the outer lower area of the frame


Very Good - A well-cared-for item that has seen limited use - it may show some limited signs of wear with small scratches or cosmetic blemishes.

Year Bought
Does not come with original box / packaging

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