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Mamas & Papas Baby Snug Floor Seat w/ Activity Tray, Soft Grey



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Product Notes

Baby Snug is a supportive seat that helps little ones get accustomed to sitting up on their own. With a removable insert, it can be adapted to suit your child as they grow. You can start using the seat as soon as the baby supports their own head, and it will take them through their first year and beyond. Designed with a special wide base for enhanced stability the snug is an ideal first chair for your baby. With the Baby Snug, your child is supported as they sit and play, so you can interact with them more closely and develop a stronger bond. It comes complete with a removable Play Tray, so babies can enjoy entertaining themselves while you watch. With 8 interactive features and 6 different toy arrangements, there's a lot to keep them busy. Ideally suited for playtime, the Baby Snug features an easy-to-clean design which means it can be used for early weaning too. Product Features The easy clean design lets you wipe the seat down with ease. Lightweight and portable, you can entertain baby in any room of the house. The removable tray can be placed on or removed with a simple click. A large suction pad on the Play Tray ensures that toys are secured to the tray. Crotch post to avoid baby slipping and provides extra support The Play Tray includes 6 interactive features including a beaded loop, a spinning flower, a twisty bendy stalk, a teether, and a picture book with baby safe mirror. Remove the seat insert to adjust the size as your baby grows Specifications Age Suitability: Suitable from when baby is able to support their own head. 3 months to 12 months+ approx. Dimensions: H: 25 X W: 43 X D: 43 cm Approx. Weight: 1.7kg (without tray) 2.5kg (with tray)

Physical Condition

Floor Seat - barely visible scratches on the surroundings of it Soft Grey Removable Insert - barely visible scratches on the lower back area of the removable insert Activity Tray Beaded Loop - barely visible scratches on the beads, and on the leaves 2 Teether - barely visible scratches on the surroundings of it Green Area of the Activity Tray - barely visible scratches on surroundings of it - light scratches on the red suction Mirror - light scratches on the surroundings of it Spinning Flower - light scratches on the circle area where the rattle is enclosed - light deformation on the stem of the spinning flower - barely visible scratches on the yellow area and on the leaves White Tray - light scratches on top area of the tray - light circle mark on the top front area of the tray - barely visible scratches on the bottom and side area of the white tray


Very Good - A well-cared-for item that has seen limited use - it may show some limited signs of wear with small scratches or cosmetic blemishes.

Mamas & Papas
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