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Spectra Handsfree Cups - 25mm



Product Notes

Handsfree is a replacement mouthpiece that gives Spectra moms a totally handsfree pumping experience. The Handsfree consists of a set of collection cups that when inserted in your bra and connected to your Spectra pumps yields a totally discreet on the go pumping session. It is a BPA free closed system accessory compatible with all types of Spectra pumps. Effective pumping ! - Both your hands are free to multi task while pumping. - An economical solution through full compatibility with Spectra Breast Pump products. Pump whenever, wherever -You can save time at home by pumping while breastfeeding. - You can pump in the office with your clothes on as Handsfree fits into your underwear. -You can pump in public where there is no personal space. What's included : 2 x Milk collection cup 2 x Breast shield 2 x Valve connector 2 x Silicone valve 2 x Membrane 2 x Backflow preventing cap 2 x Tubing 2 x Bottle connector

Physical Condition

Small Scratches - on both milk cups - on the valve connector


Good - Shows moderate wear from consistent use - it may have identifying markings on it, or have minor cosmetic damage.

Year Bought
Comes with original box / packaging

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